Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cupcakes and birthdays


I want to hug the neck of whoever invented the smaller box of cupcakes!! It makes 12 instead of 24 which is wonderful since I had to hand out cupcakes around the neighborhood just to get rid of some!

These are the products I use to make Jacks cupcakes to take Milk free cake to every birthday party he attends. Yes, every birthday party!! Could you imagine what it would be like for the big production of singing Happy Birthday and seeing the cutest cakes ever and your child can't have one bite!! Birthdays are harder for us bc we have to worry about a present and making of cupcakes before we go (can freeze some if you need to). But, I want Jack's to be apart of everything and we are not going to sit at home and miss life because we can't eat Milk. Jack doesn't even blink when he doesn't eat the actual cake! He grabs his cupcake from me, eats it, and takes off to play with his friends. We do however miss out on the ice cream. I need to contact whoever makes the mini cups of ice cream pronto!! What a great idea!! Milk free sorbets in a tiny cup!!

This Duncan Heinz cake mix has no milk and you make it with eggs, water, and oil. The icing has soy only so it is delicious just like any icing! Jacks favorite are vanilla and strawberry but read the labels and you will find more I am sure!! Like lemon!!
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Snack time


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Here are a few snack foods that Jack loves to eat! All of these are milk free. These are snacks that all kids love. Most of these, contain wheat and soy. Please always make sure to check your labels because they do change ingredients sometimes. It is always safe to double check!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I found two "Sorbetto" ice creams today that are milk free! It is the "Private Selection" brand at our Kroger (regular ice cream aisle). One is Strawberry Banana and the other pineapple coconut flavor. Jack said "yum!" to both of them. They are more creamy like real ice cream. Keebler sugar cones are milk free and he liked it just as much as the ice cream.

Dip Recipe

Jack Loves to eat Dip!

This is his favorite and if he sees it he will just about use a spoon to eat it!
I make this for parties and take it places where I know there will be snacks that he may cannot eat. It is also great for Tailgating!

Black Bean and Corn Dip

2 cans of mexicorn (drained)
2 cans of black beans (rinsed and drained)
chopped green onions (I use about 4 or 5)
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup canola oi1 (combined the two together and pour over the beans, corn, and green onions)

Jack eats this with tostido scoops or tortilla chips. (Make sure to never eat the Tostido with Lime bc those have MILK!!!)

Milk products made in the same facility

So, you have found a milk free item and it says this on the ingredient labelin bold letters. Well, you need to ask your Dr.,BUT Jack has always eaten it anyway and has NEVER had a problem. (this might not be the same for someone with a peanut allergy!)
Again, my good friend, told me that her child's allergist said that it was OK to go ahead and eat these items. So, we do and we have been totally fine.

Ask your child's DR first and make sure that yours approves before you let yours try it! Just to be on the safe side! :)


Doughnuts have been hard b/c lots of kids eat them and there are none at my grocery stores that are MILK free! I have been looking for four yrs and if I have found one they were gross!

We luckily got a brand new doughnut shop in our town this year!! And, guess what?!!
They checked their labels for me and the glazed holes and doughnuts are milk free! We can't even drive past this place now without Jack asking for doughnut holes. He has found him a comfort food for sure! lol

Anyway, if you don't find a doughnut your child can eat you can make some at home from canned biscuits. (In other post, I said that I found a no name brand canned biscuit at Walmart that has no milk) I cut a biscuit into four pieces and drop them in a pot or skillet of canola oil or vegetable oil. Let it get hot first and then drop them in. They cook really fast and you need to flip them to get both side brown. Then, I scoop them out and lay them on a plate with paper towels to cool. Next, I have a ziploc of powder sugar and a ziploc of cinnamon and sugar mixed. Toss however many you like in whichever and serve them immediately on a plate for kids or adults to choose from either one. Everyone loves them!! (they taste like beignets to me!)

Anyway, it is quick and painless recipe for doughnuts for any milk allergic child. :)
Jacks cousins beg me to make "Jack's doughnuts" when they are in town.

Movies and Sporting Events

Movies- I have not found a movie popcorn that is safe. So, I make Jacks popcorn (Kroger "Natural" popcorn) and put it in a ziploc bag in my purse. He is not happy if I forget his popcorn! :) Also, he can have skittles there and a drink..sometimes we get an icee or slush if they have that!

We live in a college town so we go to lots of football, basketball and baseball games. Jack always eats the hotdog and a bag of chips. Check the bun ingredients! If it has milk, then they can just eat the hotdog or burger in pieces.

We tailgate a lot too, so I usually fill up a backpack of stuff for Jack so that I don't have to risk that there will be no Milk free food there for him. I also buy the premade smuckers peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (straw or grape) and I take these with us! So easy! Don't forget your epi pen anywhere where lots of food will be around to have an accidents. Places like this are a huge danger zone.

***I always tell Jack to ask Mommy before he eats ANYTHING- and he always has!! Smart Boy! :)))