Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Beginning

The day Jack was born, I started immediately giving him formula bottles given to me by the hospital. This seemed fine except for what followed when we got home. Extreme spit up, screaming tummy aches, and lots of sleepless nights. I thought all of this was colic and or gas since Jack was my first baby. After seeing the pediatrician on our first visit, he suggested trying SOY milk instead. This did help! Yay!

Then came baby food....
I think Jack was around 1o months old when I decided to try peach cobbler in the baby food jar. I was SO excited! I remember saying to him "you are going to love this!" Well, not quite. He ate one bite!!
Next thing I know, his bottom lip swelled up and he starting throwing up all over me. I ran with him in my arms to the bedroom and cried to my husband "look at him! something is wrong!" He immediately said, "Do we have benadryl???" After the proper dose, Jack was fine and sacked out for a long nap. Sheww!! That was scary.

On Monday morning, I called the pediatrican and said "I think Jack is allergic to MILK". He asked why. I said, well after one bite of peach cobbler (contains dry milk) he had a severe reaction. He said I was probably right and not to feel him ANYTHING with milk in it until we could get scheduled for a allergy test.

Next thing I know, we are in an allergist office getting the prick test on his back for the top ten food allergies. (which is quick and pretty painless) Within seconds, Jack had a hive on his back as round as a baseball. I only wish I had taken a picture now! We still have a scar in that very spot (a little white spot). I think of that day everytime I look at it. The dr. said "definitely allergic to MILK and I mean SEVERE." I can't remember the exact number but it Jack scored the highest. He then trained me how to use an epi pen and told me never to leave home without one and train anyone of cares for Jack how to use it. He also told me a couple of website groups, for instance food and allergy network where I could get a lot of info about this allergy. But, from here on out NO Milk or Milk products for your baby until he passes the test. Bring Jack back every yr about this time and we will see how it is going. (Jack is four and a half ...we have yet to pass a test or even blood work poor buddy!)

Well, then came the tears...why my baby?! He won't ever have real ice cream or birthday cake?!
What in the world am I going to feed him?!!! It is a mothers joy to feed their children good, yummy stuff.
How will I ever let him out of my sight? Who can I trust to watch him and keep him away from milk as I do?!

OMG!!!! Milk is in freaking EVERYTHING!!!!!

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