Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lotions and Soaps

My sister reminded me today of a lotion that made Jack scream his head off as a baby. One day when she was visiting, we gave him a bath and he kicked and played loving it. That is, until I took him out dried him off and applied Johnson and Johnson's MILK bath lotion! We could not figure out what in the world was wrong?! This is, of course, before we found out he was allergic to milk. Milk Bath definitely has MILK in it! My poor angel! I had NO idea what I was doing to him. I still feel so guilty and wish if I had only know then that he had an allergy.

So, make sure you read the labels of your bath lotions, soaps and even shampoos. Just to be safe. If your baby gets a rash or says it is hot or cries after you use a product... Throw it away or give it away! You don't want anyone else to be able to find it in your house and use it again. The next reaction could be worse! Get rid of it.

(there is also a lotion made by Arbonne for children that has Milk in it)

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