Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fast Food

I have learned a lot from checking fast food websites! And, I have even called them and had them help me find something Jack can eat. Some are extremely helpful and some are not but we have definitely found us a variety so we are happy! This makes it so much more comforting to know that if I have to swing through a drive through I can now! It might not be extremely healthy but atleast I have options! ha

McDonald's- Jack get the hamburger happy meal with ketchup only. He can have the french fries! They say they have milk ingredients??? but we have NEVER had the slightest itch from this kids meal. The Sothern Style chicken sandwich is safe also. I just take the chicken out and cut it into pieces and he dips it in ketchup. He can have the whole sandwich but its kind of large for a kid.

Wendy's- Again Hamburger kids meal or even the Chicken Sandwich kids meal.

Back Yard Burger- All three kids meals are suppose to be Milk free (says on their site) but Jack has always eaten the Hamburger meal with seasoned fries (he loves those!) Please check the bread they use! I sometimes have to ask to read the label myself. B/c they don't usually look for whey and etc.. They only look for the word "Milk". Jack has been able to eat bread with Milk in it and have no reaction. This we found out by accident.

Sonic- Jack gets the number 7. Popcorn Chicken and Tater Tots. :) The chicken strips contain milk. Sonics 1800 number was extremely helpful. They called me back immediately and told me what Jack could have and not have.

NO CHICK FIL A!!!!! Sorry! It makes us sad also. But, we do take our Kids Meal from other places in there and let Jack meet up with his friends. They have never had a problem with us doing that. They have offered to make his chicken without dipping it in the milk but even the breading has milk ingredients. :((

Newks- Jack gets a pepperoni pizza with no cheese. Loves it!

McAllisters- Jack eats Hot Dog kids meal with barbeque regular lays, teddy grahams.

Papa Johns (and Dominio's)- we get hamburger or pepperoni pizza with NO cheese.

Nicer Restaurants- we usually always get hamburger patty and french fries. If they have that on the menu we can eat there as a family usually. :) Jack does like broiled shrimp and steak but just make sure to tell them to use NO butter!

Some waiters will look at you like you are crazy but I try to explain that his allergy is SEVERE like the peanut allergy and then they understand better.

When you have time, just pull up the places you like to eat and look through their menus. Or, even email them and ask. Our food list gets longer and longer everytime I do some research on the computer. Jack loves to try new things! And, now that he is getting older he will try more!

Chilli's- they have a food allergy menu they will give you!

PF Changs- they emailed me several items Jack could eat.

Sushi- Jack loves edamame, soup, and a plain shrimp roll (no cream cheese). Also, our local restaurant makes the chicken fried rice with no butter. He loves any kind of rice!!!

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