Saturday, January 23, 2010

A good friend

Lucky for me, one of my best friends Tara lives in a nearby town also has a milk (&peanut) allergy child. She was my first phone call for help. I remember writing down every thing she said that Peyton eats everyday. It was a HUGE relief to have a list of things I knew he had eaten with no reactions! He is seven now and is still allergic to both by the way. It has been a blessing to have her to call and share our worries about our children. We constantly send texts to each other of new Milk free products that our boys can eat. Believe me, you get really tired of buying the same old things at the grocery. I am beyond excited when they make something new that is milk free!! WOOHOO that is a BIG day at our house!

One day, I sent Tara a text that said. "Jack and Peyton can have Papa Johns Pizza!" I had discovered on their website that there is no milk in the crust. I called and talked to the manager and he said I could order for example a pepperoni pizza with no cheese. He said lactose intolerant people order it all the time! Well, that night Peyton had his very first delivered pizza. She said he ate FIVE pieces and made her swear to keep the rest in the fridge for him later. What a great day!!

Now, both Jack and Peyton LOVE pizza!! Even with NO cheese!! Yippppeeeee!!!

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