Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mama, does this have Milk in it?

One of the best things is how Jack has adapted to his allergy. I have always talked about it in front of him and I constantly read labels of food. So much, that Jacks imitates me and acts like he can read the label himself! So cute!
In our pantry, I have put all the things that he can eat in baskets where he can reach them. This helps babysitters, family, and friends because they know if it is in his baskets it is safe for him to eat. Anything that has Milk or cheese for example in it, I put it way up high! That way no little hands can reach them. ;) He walks straight into our pantry all the time and helps himself . His friends do the same because they LOVE jacks snacks!

When Jack went trick or treating for the first time in our neighborhood (age 3) he immediately told the person at the door "I am allergic to Milk." Well, that stumped a few of them! lol Luckily, the neighbors that know us well even called beforehand saying they had "skittles". One of Jacks all time favorites!

At school, Jack has his very own Tupperware box full of milk free snacks. This is for when someone brings in a treat for the class that is not safe for Jack. Jack can go pick out something and he does not feel left out. It is a shame that so much food is brought into school for kids! No wonder kids weigh too much. Jack is only at school from 8 am till 11:45 and it is a constant worry who is dropping off what that morning to feed the kids. Isn't the snack we send enough!! yeeeeez!! We love our school though and they have been extremely supportive of Jacks allergy. His teachers are SO aware and we have NEVER had one mistake yet! :) Thank you for keeping my baby safe!

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