Sunday, January 24, 2010

Piece of Cake

One of Jacks favorite things in the whole world is a CUPCAKE! We make cupcakes ALL the time. I think the kids in our neighborhood think all we ever eat is cupcakes because we are always handing them out to our friends on the street. Jack literally begs to make them!

We make them for class parties, every birthday party we go to, holidays, and just for no reason at all. We are very lucky that Duncan Heinz yellow cake mix contains no milk (wheat only) and Pillsbury Funfetti vanilla icing (soy only) are two products that we always have around.

A few yrs into the allergy, we also found out that a local bakery has no milk in their icing and if we take them a box of Duncan Heinz they will make us a REAL birthday cake! You should have seen the smile when Jack had his first Lighting McQueen birthday cake of his very own.

By the way, we have several friends who have had there birthday cakes made so that Jack can have a slice of cake at his best friends birthday parties. Now, these are some incredible friends and we LOVE them for thinking of Jack!!! What a luxury for me to finally walk into a birthday party with only a wrapped gift.
I also have a neighbor who bought us our very own single cupcake holder. We put our cupcake in it and take it to the party. After Happy Birthday is sung, Jack will immediately say "Where's my cupcake?"

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