Saturday, January 23, 2010

Never leave home without it

I never leave home without jacks emergency medicine! There is nothing worse than the feeling of not being prepared for an emergency. Thankfully, every time we have had an accidental taste of Milk it has been with me.

I keep in a bag ready to take with my everywhere and/or husband (and his teacher has it also):

Epi Pen ( I have two just in case something goes wrong with the first)
Orapred Steroid chewable pills (from a doctor)
a dosage cup or spoon
bendryl gel (for hives)

It took one time for me to read, that NOT having a epi pen on hand was the reason of MANY deaths in food allergic kids.

I have remembered it at the last minute and have been VERY thankful!

I have also been with a friend who did not have hers and we were both thankful that day! :) Zyrtec works very well if you get it quickly after they have eaten something. It is going to happen!! To all of us! It has happened to us many times. One tiny bite and you are in an emergency situation unfortunately.

Jack is so allergic that you can't even kiss him if you have eaten a bowl of cereal!! You can't use the same towel or napkin to wipe his face that you have used on another who has eaten ice cream. He will even break out all over if we eat in a restaurant that uses a lot of milk products....Mexican...fried fish cream stores.
Places everyone loves to go! (This has gotten better though over the yrs..he does not break out anymore unless he eats it)

Even if you are just running somewhere real quick, STILL take it! People LOVE to offer kids candy, cookies, and treats!!! It happens EVERYWHERE we go. Nerve Racking!! Even a quick errand and your kid could be eating a tootsie roll before you can even turn around! (AND, yes!! Chocolate is MILK!!!!!! "MILK CHOCOLATE"!!)

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