Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Doughnuts have been hard b/c lots of kids eat them and there are none at my grocery stores that are MILK free! I have been looking for four yrs and if I have found one they were gross!

We luckily got a brand new doughnut shop in our town this year!! And, guess what?!!
They checked their labels for me and the glazed holes and doughnuts are milk free! We can't even drive past this place now without Jack asking for doughnut holes. He has found him a comfort food for sure! lol

Anyway, if you don't find a doughnut your child can eat you can make some at home from canned biscuits. (In other post, I said that I found a no name brand canned biscuit at Walmart that has no milk) I cut a biscuit into four pieces and drop them in a pot or skillet of canola oil or vegetable oil. Let it get hot first and then drop them in. They cook really fast and you need to flip them to get both side brown. Then, I scoop them out and lay them on a plate with paper towels to cool. Next, I have a ziploc of powder sugar and a ziploc of cinnamon and sugar mixed. Toss however many you like in whichever and serve them immediately on a plate for kids or adults to choose from either one. Everyone loves them!! (they taste like beignets to me!)

Anyway, it is quick and painless recipe for doughnuts for any milk allergic child. :)
Jacks cousins beg me to make "Jack's doughnuts" when they are in town.

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