Saturday, January 23, 2010

Playdates and Snacks

When Jack was about one and we would go play at a friends house, I would always bring a little bag full of snacks that Jack could eat. I would always bring enough for his friends bc everytime they would want to eat what Jack was eating. Every time! Plus, it took the pressure off of digging through whomevers cabinets looking for a milk free snack. It was so much easier just to take something with us. I also brought his own drink in a cup that he recognized so that he didn't pick up someone else's sippy cup full of milk.

Now, that he is older it is easier b/c I can explain that he can eat when we get home and he understands. Although, I have been at a bday party or two and there was not one single thing he could eat and guess what...he is standing there looking at me with his big brown eyes saying he is starving.

After Jacks diagnosis, I stopped eating things that he couldn't have in front of him for the most part. Unless, there was a milk free version he could have. Even my sister, and her boys only ate things Jack could have too around him. Jacks cousins Kyle and Austin are very aware of his allergy. They talk about it, and worry about him, and hope that it goes away so that he can eat ice cream with them. My sister, has been a huge source of support for me. She calls with new products she has found all the time. Her house is a safe place for Jack to be and I love them for that. It is a huge relief to drop him off somewhere and know that he will be ok. When the ice cream truck drives down her street, she read every ingredient until she found him something! A rainbow snow cone. O happy Day!!

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