Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things Jack CAN eat :)

Here is a list of things Jack loves to eat:

Peanut Butter and Jelly (we use Sunbeam white bread, Whitewheat bread, or Bunny white bread)

Popsicles, Snow Cones, Icee's, Slushes
Pringles (Plain and B'que)
Sun Chips (Plain)
Popcorn (Natural flavor only)
Spaghetti (I use Prego Traditional-one of his favorite meals)
Oreo's (vanilla ones or chocolate-it is made with cocoa not milk choc. cocoa has no milk)Oh! and the cookie straws they make in the same brand! YuM!
Nutter Butters
Teddy Grahams
Jacks Butter Cookies (loves those! that is the actual brand name of them and they are circle cookies with the center out.)
Ritz Crackers
Campbells Tomato soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
Tyson Brand Chicken Nuggets
Hot dogs
Ham Sandwiches
Graham Crackers (Honey Maid)
Blue Bird Honey Buns (Icing or No Icing--closest thing to a doughnut)
Pecan Wheels
Poptarts(Strawberry, Cherry, and Blueberry)
Lots of cereals: Fruit Loops, Regular Cheerios, Golden Grahams, Honey Smacks, Chex, Frosted Flakes and I'm sure there is more! Lots of safe cereals so that is good!
Fruit roll ups
Chewy Life savers
Skittles (Jacks favorite treat)
Kashi Tasty little cereal bars (straw and blueberry) this is the only cereal bar that is good that I have ever found
Ruffles (PLAIN)
Lays (plain and b'que)
Jack uses a thousand island for a dip sometimes (must read bottle) or salsa and sometimes just simple ketchup as a dip. At Mexican restaurant we order him his own bowl of quacamole-that way no one contaminates his dip with cheese dip!
Keebler Graham crackers "BUG BITES"
Mini Strawberry fig newtons (not regular fig ones)
Barnum's Animal Crackers
Wheat Thins

I have never found a Goldfish w/out milk! Even the pretzel ones contain milk. :( But, you can definitely do cherrios (NOT the yogurt one though!!!)
There is also not one single frozen pancake except for Vans brand and Jack still gags when you mention those. lol So, i use BISQUICK and SOY milk in it for our pancakes. No family member has EVER noticed any difference!
Martha White Blueberry and or Strawberry Muffins (mix with soy milk- I make them in a mini muffin tin pan and they are more kid friendly)

Jack drink the red carton of SOY MILK like it is the best thing ever! Sometimes for a special treat I put in some stawberry sugar free syrup and he loves that! Hersheys strawberry and Chocolate are also safe! Beware though once you start this they never won't plain milk again!

The only canned biscuits I have found are usually the no name brand ones. Kroger carries a red can one that is milk free. So, look toward the bottom and you might find one. Jack loves jelly biscuits for breakfast and cinnamon toast too!

We have always used Parkay squeeze butter! Not the spray and not the stick! The squeeze bottle is the only one that is only made with Soy! If you need a stick butter for a recipe, I use Blue Bonnet Light sticks. It is Milk free.

Chicken Nuggets (Because your not a kid unless you have eaten a chicken nugget!)
Tyson Brand makes several that are milk free but READ the label because of few of them contain milk! In my fridge now are the Tyson Breast Tenders, and the fully cooked "Chicken Nuggets". Jack loves tater tots with his! I have sworn several times that he was going to turn into a tater tot! ;)

Fish Sticks: We eat Mrs. Pauls crunchy fish sticks (green box, frozen food aisle)

Jack can't have macaroni and cheese but I do boil him some macaroni noodles and squeeze butter on them and he is happy!

Rice: OMG! Jack loves RICE! there is an Uncle Bens 90 seconds rice in garden vegetable rice he likes. He loves chicken fried rice, shrimp fried rice! You just have to make sure at restaurants that they don't make it with butter. We have recently gone to an hibachi place for the first time and finally figured out that if they make Jacks food first it won't be contaiminated with butter. They just make it with oil for him! This is his new favorite restaurant though we try to go early so there is not a huge crowd. That way they are not put out to make his first.

Ice Cream: Soy delicious in the organic section is milk free. It is okay. He will eat a little of it and then moves on. Haagen-Dazs makes a milk free sorbet in lemon, raspberry, mango and strawberry that are delicious!! You can get them in the pint size and they have there very own tube. Be prepared to get your own, because it is SO good! We like the strawberry the best.
Our local ice cream/candy store has a milk free Mango sorbet that is divine! I took it right out of Jacks hands and could have eaten the whole thing! For candy, he loves to fill up a bag with skittles. Bad for the teeth but atleast he can have something in the candy store! :) Also, TCBY makes a milk free sorbet but they don't always have it in. SHERBERT is DOES have milk. So, don't get those confused!

As a toddler Jack loved the bite size Popsicle brand Mighty Mini popsicles (Walmart). They are just the perfect size not to make a huge mess all over the child or your house! They are great and a good small treat!

Lots of info...huh? Shew! I am tired. Next blog will be about fast food! :)


  1. In the picture, Jack is drinking a virgin strawberry daiquiri with NO whip cream! yummy! A special vacation treat :)

  2. Thank you for this! Not sure how she knew my son has a milk allergy, but your sister sent me a message on Twitter with a link to your site. We were also told that he has a mild soy intolerance, so he can't have a lot of it.
    We like Barbara's Bakery Nature's Choice Cereal Bars. We have started using So Delicious Coconut Milk and love their products. They are made by the same company that manufactures Soy Delicious.
    I wish there were more cheese options because my son loves it! I am now a follower of your site.

  3. Yes, all the cheese we have tried is kind of gross! Also, I hate for Jack to get confused and tell people he can eat cheese! I just decided to stay away from it for that reason.

    It is hard to avoid soy and milk together! I will try and find you what Jack eats that does not contain soy either. And, let you know. :)

    Thanks for following!! Pass the word along to anyone!

  4. Sarah J. This is Sonya's sister Natalie. I searced milk allergy on Twitter and it brought up a bunch of mom's chatting about milk allergy's. So, I sent a ton of them Sonya's link:) I was so excited to see that you checked it out!

    I meet a mom just this week whose child has been allergic to milk and then developed an allergy to Soy. I gave her the address to this blog. So, hopefully she'll write in and you two can trade notes:)