Saturday, January 23, 2010

I will not be defeated

This is one of my favorite quotes from an old roomate after she cooked a pound cake that came out hard as a rock. LOL She grabbed her purse and was out the door to the grocery store when I asked "where are you going?" She yelled back "I will NOT be DEFEATED!!!" I remember laughing so hard I cried.. Scarlett was a great cook and this pound cake would not win!

Well, that is how I felt. I came home to my husband (also a physician) crying and worried about Jacks severe allergy. He looked up calm as could be and said "Sonya, he could not hear, he could not see, it could be WAY worse." He was right. Thank God for him and that he is medically trained to handle medical emergencies and complete meltdowns of mothers. lol He also said "And, don't use that epi pen "Willy Nilly" it is only to be used if he is having trouble breathing." Advice I needed to be given and was thankful for b/c I was dang sure I was going to NEVER have to use that thing!! God help me.

At night, I would get my sweet pea bathed and sound asleep. Off to the grocery I would go. I could spend countless hours reading ingredient labels in Kroger. I would turn over every box of things kids eat (goldfish, cookies, chicken nuggets, tater tots, chips, etc) trying to find food that did not have milk and or cheese in it. OMG...I would be in there for two hours. But I was DETERMINED that Jack would not be affected by his milk allergy and he was going to eat fun stuff too!

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